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Friday, March 24, 2017
Sea Kayaking
Based in the very heart of the island archipelago, Uist Outdoor Centre is ideally situated to explore an area thought by many of the country's top paddlers to have the finest sea-kayaking coastline in the world - this is adventure kayaking at its best!

See breathtaking panoramic views of Hebridean islands and seascapes with St. Kilda to the West, Skye and the Minch to the East. Paddle below striking sea cliffs, lofty mountain crags and sea stacks, through arches, caves and sea lochs!  Observe a fascinating array of wildlife in their natural habitat and beautiful surroundings. Last year's sightings included bottlenose, white sided and Risso's dolphin, common porpoise, minke, pilot and killer whales, otter, common and Atlantic grey seal, basking shark, golden eagle and white tailed eagle!

Sea Kayak Courses

Uist Outdoor Centre offers six day sea kayak courses in the Outer Hebrides at three separate levels - introductory/intermediate/advanced.Courses normally include three day, two night wild country expeditions SCA/BCU qualified Instructors of appropriate level, who have intimate knowledge of the Islands and expeditioning lead all tours. We specialise in six day long courses (dates and details of courses on next page) For those with more or less time, sea kayaking is available from half day sessions upwards.

Introductory Sea Kayak (Suggested entry level approximately novice to two star)

Suitable for people wishing to enter kayaking for the first time or those with basic paddling skills who wish to experience sea kayaking. Instruction is given in all aspects of sea kayaking such as : basic strokes/ equipment/ rescues/ tides/ weather/ navigation. The course is centre based with normally a two night wild country expedition.

Intermediate Sea Kayak (Suggested entry level approximately three star)

A sea kayak week for competent paddlers who wish to extend their experience in the unspoilt isolation of these islands. Iinstruction is given where appropriate on advanced strokes and techniques,night paddling, surf and rolling. Some nights canoe camping will be included in the course subject to conditions and abilities. Training is given in all aspects of seamanship for sea kayakers.

Advanced Sea Kayak (Suggested entry level approximately four star)

Courses for experienced sea kayakers. The emphasis is on advanced skills and techniques. A minimum of one seasons sea kayaking experience is recommended.

SCA / BCU Courses

One to five star training and assessment courses by arrangement.


The centre has an excellent range of sea kayaks in both plastic and fibre glass. Our plastic fleet includes P&H Capellas, Valley Skerrays and Hasle Explorers. Our fibre glass fleet includes NDK Explorers/ Greenlanders/ Triton. Specialised surf kayaks are utilised during surf sessions.

Paddlers who have their own sea kayak and equipment are encouraged to bring it along.

The Centre can provide equipment as listed below:

Sea kayaks, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, cags, spray decks, paddles, dry bags, 2 person tents, sleeping bags, cooking stoves, maps, compasses, water carriers, water bottles.

Additional equipment required:

Warm clothing (2 changes), wind/waterproof jacket and trousers, warm hat.

Nordkapp Trust Expedition Centres

In recognition of our high standards achieved and the unparalleled quality of our sea kayaking environment we are delighted to have been selected as a Nordkapp Trust Expedition Centre. The Trust recognises centres of excellence situated in unique sea kayaking areas around the world. We are currently the only Scottish centre to achieve this recognition (one of only two in the British Isles and one of eight world wide !) SCA / BCU Courses One to five star training and assessment courses by arrangement.